International Business and Corporate Law

International Business and Corporate Law

Successfully representing foreign companies with U.S. subsidiaries or other connections in the United States takes significant experience and legal know-how. When foreign companies become involved in litigation and need counsel in the United States, the attorneys at Scudi & Ayers can step in and effectively represent their interests. Our attorneys are licensed in California, Arizona, Michigan and Mexico, and can practice before the State and Federal Courts in those jurisdictions.

Scudi & Ayers has substantial experience representing clients in Mexico and Latin America in disputes with U.S.-based suppliers, customers and other parties.

International Business Transactions and Litigation

International companies with U.S. subsidiaries or other connections in the United States often require legal counsel from an attorney in the U.S. The company may need assistance with a public or private offering, a joint venture, an acquisition or a lawsuit.

When a foreign-based company is involved in a business dispute in the U.S., Scudi & Ayers is experienced and prepared to represent the business in litigation.
Based in San Diego, California, Scudi & Ayers has more than twenty years of experience helping companies in Mexico, Latin America and other countries, execute business activities in the United States.

International contract disputes

Our California international business lawyers help clients on both sides of the border resolve contract disputes. When a U.S. business has a claim against a Mexican company or when a Mexican business has a claim against a U.S. company, we can help clients establish and recover those claims. By gathering information on assets, bank accounts, and real property in the country of the plaintiff, we can attach or garnish those assets. We also defend businesses against international claims.

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